Fan Control Switch - Control Box, Single Fan up to 5.5kW

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This Spray Booth Control Box is Fully Compliant to 4114.1:2003. The operational process of this unit is to provide a fan control switch which is interlocked both to airflow within the duct and it the booth interlocks. 

This System includes Pre and Post Purge Timing, Thermal Overloads for motor protection, contractors , relays and indicator lights.

The control board is available with the option of having a light circuit with on/off switch. This variant is itemized in the selection criteria.

Made in Australia by TRUFLOW Spray Booths and Fully Compliant to 4114.1:2003

This Control System operates a single Ex'e Rated Fan up to 5.5kW's

Buyer please specify fan size when purchasing in the "notes" segment.